From Grief To Awakened

On February 2, 2018 my Sister Jenean passed away and weeks after her death, I was dealing with anger, anxiety and a level of grief that I can not explain in the blog post.

In fact, that season of Grief inspired the title of my new book, A Sister’s Heart. I titled the book, A Sister’s heart, because I poured my heart into the book and losing my sister suddenly caused some deep emotional wounds, which afflicted my heart.

In addition to having deep emotional wounds, I was dealing with thoughts of fear and anxiety on a daily basis which also affected my Heart.

Nevertheless, I have discovered that it is so easy to slip into a state of despair, depression or hopelessness when you lose someone that you love. Moreover, I want you to know that if you have suffered a loss and life seems uncertain and dark, there is hope!

Most of all, losing a love one suddenly has a way of causing you to reflect on your own life and it has a way of awakening you.

There is Life after Grief.

In my book I share my personal experience with losing my younger siblings and how the loss awakened me to Live my Dreams.

In Closing, My purpose for this book is to inspire the reader to go from Grief to being Awakened to the New Beginning that is awaiting you!

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